Product description

Sanitop™ Red Anti-Fatigue Mat for Food Industry

  • Excellent drainage
  • Tough rubber compound
  • 12.7 mm thick

Product DescriptionProvides basic comfort and traction in wet areas.Moldedbevelled edges on all 4 sides for trip resistant & easy cartaccess.  Made of tough rubber compounds, designed to yield a longservice life.  Nitrile rubber compound is grease resistant.  Aggressive slip resistant surface.  Non-shifting yetlightweight for easy handling when cleaning.Ergonomic benefitderived from 12,7 mm thick worker platform. Large drainage holes andraised studs provide aeration and allow fluids and debris to fallthrough, leaving the surface clear.  Cleaning with detergent and water-jet is recommended for extended service life.Product Features:

  • Material: heavy duty rubber compound
  • Weight: 8 kg/m²
  • Thickness: 12.7 mm